1990: 2984 twonineeightfour 

2984 twonineeightfour
(15’, fiction, 16mm, UK)


CAST: ARTURO VENEGAS, HARRIET BENSON Anthony Phillips Rainer Burton Chief policeman Harriet Nieves Woman in the station, nurse Jens Pitergaar Man in the station Robert Evanson Newpaper seller Nicholas Geenshields Student Clive Saunders Policeman and Sylvia Young Theatre School Pupils as Mary’s pupils Kevin, Jason, Mathew, Fadli, Ellen, Gordon, Margot, Tony & Ami as people in station

CREW Direction: César Meneghetti Screenplay Stephen Carruthers Cameraman: Michelle Lazemby Editing: César Meneghetti Sound: Ned Garland Ayo Laj-ono Continuity: Linda Inman Production: Mary Ottaway Stephen Carruthers Art Direction: Maria Protopapa Kevin McCourt Jason Greenwood Installation: Nicolletta Comand Props: Sofia Milson Director assistant: Michael Park Cameraman assistants: Ivan MacFei David Faigenblum Clapper: Caroline O’Connor Sound Editing: Toby Penrose Editing assistants: Jo Tissier Alessandra Boticella Electrician: Trevor Parish Stills Chris Kidd Credits: Cida Aragão Music: Panicos Vyronos Constantinos Lignos Technical consultant: Yossi Balanescu Bal


2984 is a fifteen minute drama focusing on a  society in the future. In this post-apocalyptical environment, the world population has diminished radically and  man is threatened with extintion;  partly because of  ecological and nuclear catastrophe  and also because of the appearance of various types of unknown and uncontrollable diseases. As an desperate attempt to continue human life on the planet, extreme and drastic measures are adopted; individuals are stratified in five categories  according to their risk category, and any form of human contact, particularly inter-categories, is forbidden. Into this chaotic world Mary and Antony fall in love and defying the institutions they dream on an utopic normality.


2984 è la storia di un amore impossibile tra Anthony e Mary. Il film è ambientato in una società post apocalittica, divisa in cinque categorie, in modo di controllare così la minaccia di varie e nuove malattie che rischiano d’estinguere la razza umana. I due protagonisti appartenenti a categorie diverse, sfidano le istituzioni repressive e sognano un’ utopica normalità.

FUJI FILM AWARD 1990, BAFTA, Londra, Ottobre 1990.