(29’ documentary, digital video, Brazil)


CAST: percy sampaio camargo | célia vasconcellos

executive producer | photography dv _ludmila ferolla

editing _willem dias

original music _fernando forni

sound and mix_fabio pagoda

directing assistant | stills| photography S-8 _yuri sampaio

production | additional photography, editing and visuals _césar meneghetti

produced by mares produções | b+w filmes

It’s an ordinary day when Percy Sampaio Camargo, an university professor from the state University of São Paulo, were accused of terrorism. Today, at his 75, he remembers that far 1969 that change completely in a few seconds his life. Exiled in Chile and then in Holland during the dictatorship years, he returns to Brazil after the amnesty in 1979. The film is a portray of the country and of a man that was destined to remain invisible but that strengthen his entire life – sacrificing his family and his possessions – for an ideal of democracy and social justice.

E’ un giorno come tanti altri, quando Percy Sampaio Camargo, professore universitario di microbiologia, viene accusato di terrorismo. A 74 anni, ricorda quel lontano 1969 che sconvolse, in pochi istanti, tutta la sua vita.

The Terrorist film project was approved by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture and received the Premio Petrobras Cultural 2006/7, being selected among 4.674 applications.

Best Documentary Award VItoria Cine Video 2008

Official Selection Festival del Cinema di Roma – Extra – doc: Il Cinema del Reale 2008

Official Selection Bellaria Doc Festival 2008